To Sauhardya

Charitable trust

Creating possibilities

and touching hearts


No matter where we come from or what we do there is always someone out there who needs our help. Where we are born and what environment we are brought up in is all down to pure luck and destiny is somehow already written. As human beings, can we just accept that some of us are luckier than others and simply turn a blind eye to those that are born without?

At Sauhardya, we believe like a drop in the ocean, your help is all that is needed to make a big change. The life you can change with as little as Rs 10 is remarkable but with the collective help of many...Imagine the possibilities!


"I, RAM ......,

wake up hungry, cold and wet from the monsoon rains. The thin rag covering me will again be my clothes for my day spoilt by the mud I lay on. Today I hope won't be like the others, maybe today I will get something to eat. As I wait with my mother in hope, my father arrives finally with a piece of bread. There is a smile from my mother knowing I will be fed, but despair lies with me as I know she will not eat, just so my father and I do not go without. There is never enough for us all but sacrifices we must make to ensure we survive another day."

Another day passes and now I wake to water on my face but this time tears from my mother's eyes. This time I am not at home but surrounded by bright lights making it hard to see. All I can make out is a blur of green uniforms and unfamiliar faces looking over me. My mother's tears are all I can feel as I close my eyes and hope this is all a bad dream. All I know is now I don't hurt anymore."

Ram's story is one of many such frequent unfortunate realities and we at Sauhardya along with your help seek to give a ray of hope to many such families.

Sauhardya has been established to help families and villages in India who struggle in their daily lives to have simple human needs for survival.

We firmly believe that everyone should have a right to the basic staples in life and that everyone has something to offer others, their help. Alone we can make a difference to one; with you, a million! Imagine the possibilities!


Sauhardya's mission is to provide opportunity and basic necessities to the people of Udaipur who are unable to support themselves in raising funds to provide food, clothing, infrastructure, health care and education to children, elderly and the differently abled.

We will take the lead in extending our helping hands with the hands of others to turn a cry for help into a welcoming aid.


Our vision at Sauhardya is to be the most trusted charitable foundation by driving initiatives and obtaining support to supply basic necessities to people and villages in India and provide new found opportunities and hope, where it otherwise would not have been.

Our focus is to look after the children, the future of India in the hope that one day they may be able to take care of others.